Securing Devices At Home and Work

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Securing devices at home and work is a new challenge for families and for companies.  The mass shift to working from home started at the very beginning of the pandemic and is going to be the new normal for the near future. We have blurred the lines between work and home, and the same applies […]

Handling a Digital Crisis

Handling a digital crisis: Image for Blog

Ask yourself some tough questions – how well can your business withstand a digital crisis? On January 9, 2022, Jackson Hospital in Marianna, Florida USA had to face the reality that the charting system used by the emergency room was unreachable due to ransomware. The IT Department of the 100-bed facility made the call to […]

Log4J – Why Your Business Needs to Care

Log4J - Why Your Business Needs to Care: Image

Log4j has come up all over business and technology circles lately. What is it and why the need to be concerned? A series of critical flaws in widely used software has cybersecurity experts sounding alarms and major companies scrambling to fix the issues. On December 9, 2021, security researchers discovered a flaw in the code […]

AWS Down, You DID Notice

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December 7, 2021 used to be a day that would live in infamy, but this year it is a day that annoyed many Amazon Web Services (AWS) users. It will also vex many more people who did not realize that their most used services all rely on AWS. Robotic vacuum cleaners could not be summoned. […]